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OLC's Mother's Day Out Program

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Children are a gift from the Lord; 

they are a reward from Him.

Psalm 127:3

Our Mission

OLC has a new ministry called God's Gifts- Mother's Day out program.

Our children are God's Gifts and we know how important they are to you and to God. We are excited to watch over God's Gifts while giving parents peace of mind.

We are here to watch your children, make sure they are safe at all times, ensure they are having fun and most importantly learn about Jesus.

Our Program

God's Gifts is open Monday - Thursday from 9am - 1pm. 

Snacks will be served each day, along with fun activities, circle time, bible stories with lesson, music time and so much more for each special child- God's Gift. 


Each child will bring their lunch and get ready to have a wonderful day learning, laughing and loving their time at God's Gifts- Mother's Day Out program. 

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Register your child today!

There will be a registration/supply fee to begin, and then there is a monthly tuition per child. Family discounts are available. 

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